SANTA MONICA, California — A civil engineering firm hired by a construction company to build a major new building project in Santa Monica is facing a fraud probe, authorities said.

Bcm Civil Engineering was hired in January to design and build the 16-story building in the center of downtown Santa Monica.

The company has since had to suspend work on the project, which has yet to open.

A federal complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court alleges that the company falsified bids to the Santa Monica City Council to win a contract worth $5.9 million to build the building.

The city is now trying to recover that money.

According to the complaint, the company, which had been operating in Santa Barbara County, illegally inflated bids and then lied to city officials about those bids.

The complaint said that the city’s contract with Bcm Civil was not valid.

The complaint is the latest twist in a massive, multibillion-dollar corruption scandal that has rocked the construction industry in California.

In July, the Los Angeles City Council voted to suspend the work of Bcm, which is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

The council said it would pay a $3 million fine to Bcm and its owners for their roles in the bribery scandal.

More than 20 other companies that received Bcm contracts in the past year have been sued for allegedly misusing federal and state tax dollars, according to The Associated Press.

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