Civil engineer, who is responsible for building a high-tech railway to be used in the Philippines, will retire this year from the civil engineering department of the Philippines’ central government.

According to the PNP, the civil engineer is assigned to supervise construction of high- speed railway between Makati and Bataan in Mindanao.

According the PNA, he was selected as civil engineer for the construction of the Philippine high- frequency high-power rail, or HFRHRP.

The railway, to be called the HFR HRP, is planned to run between Makato and the island of Bohol.

The PNA added that civil engineers have the ability to operate at higher speeds than engineers from the National High-Speed Rail Corporation.

In an interview with the Philippines News Agency (PNA), PNP Chief Civil Engineer Juan Delgado said that the civil engineers assigned to the HBRP project were given the tasks to construct the railway, which will be built by the National Electric Corporation (NERC).

Delgado added that the train will also run at the speed of 400 kmph (250 mph).

“I think they (the civil engineers) are just doing their jobs and we need them to work.

They are responsible for all the details, the design of the tracks, the equipment, the power supply and the distribution system,” Delgado told the PNAA.”

They are the ones who must build the infrastructure and pay for it,” Delgal said.

The PNP said in its first annual report that the HHRP project was a key element of the government’s plan to modernize the country’s infrastructure and build up the infrastructure to meet the countrys challenges.

The civil engineer has been working for the central government since 2013, Delgado noted.

Development Is Supported By

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