Civil engineers are being asked by Australia’s Department of Water, Waste and Environment to identify water quality risks from the country’s rivers, lakes and streams.

DEW says the new roles and responsibilities are needed to better understand the impact of climate change and ensure that the country remains a sustainable economy.

But some civil engineers say the changes are unnecessary.

“It’s not the right time to be doing it,” said John Dickson, a civil engineer from the City of Adelaide.

It’s just a bit of a diversion to the Government.

“Dickson is part of a team developing an integrated management plan that aims to manage water quality issues in the region.

The plan includes creating new pathways to better manage water, and more efficient management practices for drinking and wastewater.”

The goal is to improve the quality of our water and to reduce the amount of waste produced,” Dickson said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Environment and Water Resources (DEW) said it would work with civil engineers to identify the best way to improve a river’s quality.

She said the role would be a “unique one” that would be “focused on the impacts of climate and water variability”.

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