A former marine has admitted to using the word civil engineering to refer to civil engineering.

Peter Waddell, a former marine with the New Zealand Defence Force, told the ABC he had no idea when he started using the term.

“I used it because it sounded funny and I was really interested in the way the military was performing and that was what I thought the job was all about,” Mr Waddells said.

“So I thought I’d come up with a term for it and use it whenever I saw someone doing something wrong.”

In fact, Mr Wadells admitted he was wrong.

“Well I thought it was the wrong way to do things.

I was completely unaware of it, I didn’t even know what it was,” he said.

He has since apologised to the New South Wales Civil Engineers Association for his “bad judgement”.

“I’ve had a very long term association with the organisation and they’ve been very supportive, which is fantastic,” he added.

“It’s really humbling to have that support and to be able to apologise to the association and to say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m really sorry’.”

Mr Waddills’ apology comes after he was exposed as using the NUS term in an email.

He had said: “I can’t say the word Civil Engineering because it doesn’t sound right.

I am really proud of that one.”‘

Not only did I get caught, I got sued’The NUS says it is not the NCA’s responsibility to decide who can use the word.

It says the NUs term is a matter for individual members.

“We are the governing body for NUS and we can make the decision whether or not a member can use that term,” a spokesperson said.

Mr Wadell’s use of the word is being investigated by the NFA.


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