In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, civil engineering professor, Dr. Nirma Nair said Canada’s civil engineering labs are “nirmal” (meaning, weak).

She said the country should focus more on building bridges, roads and airports, and on developing more efficient and resilient electrical grids.

She added that a strong civil engineering lab can do wonders for our future.

“Canada has not only made good strides in its civil engineering but we’ve also been very successful in our infrastructure, in our cities,” Nair told the Globe.

“So, we should take that into consideration.”

Dr. Erika Lohse, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Calgary, says the world’s civil engineers are “dissatisfied” with the performance of Canada’s public sector.

She told the CBC News Network’s Power & Politics program that the lack of an adequate civil engineering laboratory is hurting the country’s economy.

“It has been shown to be one of the worst performers in the world when it comes to infrastructure and our capacity to deliver on that infrastructure,” she said.

“I think there is an enormous gap between what we think of as our civil engineering capacity, and what is actually being delivered to the public sector.”

“When we see a lack of public engagement, we often think of it as the government or the provinces.

That’s not the case at all.

We are seeing a lack in the leadership that the government has shown in terms of our infrastructure and the people who are actually making that infrastructure and putting it into place,” Lohsel added.

Canada’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities Canada (MIPC) recently released a statement, stating that the “Canadian economy is currently performing well and that it is important that Canadians continue to be confident about the state of our economy.”

“In light of the current environment of uncertainty, MIPC has been reviewing and enhancing the capacity of the public and private sectors to deliver public services, including infrastructure.

MIPS is working with the federal and provincial governments to provide the necessary tools and resources for Canadians to plan, execute, and manage their infrastructure projects,” the statement reads.

“In order to help Canadians build a better and more resilient future, MipC is committed to continuing to work with provinces and territories to ensure infrastructure is delivered to Canadians and their communities.”

The minister of infrastructure and communities said that MIPCs work to ensure that infrastructure projects “benefit all Canadians” by ensuring that it has the “capacity and capability to be delivered in a timely and effective manner.”

“As an important component of this strategy, Mips team is engaged with all stakeholders to support, support and enhance their infrastructure capacity,” said a spokesperson for the minister of Infrastructure.

“MipCs commitment to public-private partnerships in the building of infrastructure is reflected in the recent funding commitment from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).”

While we are all proud of the hard work done by the public servants in our public sector, we are not at all satisfied with the state our infrastructure is in, and we are working hard to ensure our infrastructure can meet the needs of Canadians,” the spokesperson added.

A number of provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Quebec, have set up their own infrastructure laboratories, which are tasked with building the infrastructure and planning for the public.

“We have an environment in Alberta where we are building bridges and roads and we have a whole network of bridges and tunnels. “

This has been an incredibly positive step, particularly in terms the collaboration with the provinces,” said Lohsen.

“We have an environment in Alberta where we are building bridges and roads and we have a whole network of bridges and tunnels.

We have a very strong economy and it is the government’s job to provide for those communities.

We will see what happens with this in the future.” “

There are still a lot of things to do but it is definitely an improvement.

We will see what happens with this in the future.”

A spokesperson for Alberta’s Ministry to Infrastructure and Infrastructure Minister, Kenney, told the Province News Service that the province is working to increase its capacity in civil engineers.

“Alberta is working hard with provinces, municipalities, and businesses to ensure we have the capacity to meet the demand for infrastructure in our province,” the Minister told the newspaper.

“That capacity includes a team of civil engineers and staff dedicated to ensuring infrastructure can be built with the best possible infrastructure.”

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