Nzihet Civil Engineering is a new civil engineering law in Egypt that aims to tackle problems faced by Egyptians living in coastal cities.

The law, which was introduced last week, is being hailed as a step forward for Egypt.

The law will make it easier for citizens to file complaints against sewage companies and will also create an independent body to monitor sewage companies’ performance and work to improve them. “

Egypt’s coastal areas are facing severe pollution and sanitation issues and there is an urgent need to improve water management and sanitation to combat this.”

The law will make it easier for citizens to file complaints against sewage companies and will also create an independent body to monitor sewage companies’ performance and work to improve them.

In recent years, many Egyptian cities have seen a spike in pollution, especially during the summer months when millions of Egyptians are resorting to outdoor recreation, particularly surfing and cycling.

The Nzihest Civil Engineering Law, however, aims to combat those problems, particularly by tackling sewage and water-related problems that are affecting the lives and livelihoods of Egyptians.

The government also intends to improve the efficiency of the sewage treatment plant by creating a new system to collect and dispose of waste in the city.

The plan will also be expanded to the rest of Egypt’s cities. 

Under the Nzist Civil Engineering Act, citizens will be able to file civil engineering complaints about water quality, pollution, sewage treatment plants, waste management and public health and safety. 

The Nziston Civil Engineering Authority will be established to carry out all environmental and health monitoring and reporting.

“It is the first step in building a sustainable environment that is conducive to the survival of the country’s citizens and that is safe for people living on the coastline,” said the minister for the environment, Abdel Ghani Nasser, in a statement. 

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, in his speech announcing the law, said the law would be “the best model in the Arab world” for tackling pollution problems. 

Aboul Ghebir, who is also the president, said that the new law was designed to tackle the issues that are plaguing the country, which has been hit by a number of natural disasters, including the devastating earthquake and flooding in 2015.

AboulGhebirs administration said the new laws will help to fight pollution by creating an environment that fosters tourism, and that it will create a sustainable future for the coastal city of Nzidim in southern Egypt. 

“The law is a step towards protecting our coastal waters and our people from the pollution caused by the sewage and sewage treatment facilities, and for the development of the coastal cities,” AboulGheit said. 

Meanwhile, on Monday, Egypt’s national environmental organization, the Al Jazeera Institute, published a report that called on Egypt’s government to create a public health system for coastal cities that will be overseen by a public environmental protection authority. 

According to the Al-Quds Environment Observatory, which monitors pollution in the Middle East, the coastal area of Egypt has been facing a number problems related to sewage and wastewater.

The Al Jazeera report said that “the health situation of the coastlines is the worst in the world, and sewage is the main cause of the pollution.”

The report also pointed to the fact that the Al Nahar National Park in the North Sinai has been in a state of emergency due to the presence of large amounts of sewage and waste.

Development Is Supported By

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