A new electric car from the makers of the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S could be on the road in about a year.

The Wasp, the most powerful of the new electric vehicles on the market, was built by California-based electric vehicle maker Wasp.

The vehicle will be the first vehicle in the world to feature a hybrid battery pack that can store more energy in the battery than a diesel battery.

Wasp’s electric car, called the Womp, will be powered by a 5,000-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack, and will use the Woopi, a small electric vehicle that is currently being developed in Germany.

“This is a big milestone for Womp because it is the first fully electric vehicle,” Womp chief executive David Siegel told CNNMoney.

If all goes according to plan, the Wopi will be ready for production in 2020, and the Woom will follow in 2021.

The Womp will be a hybrid, meaning it will use two different battery technologies, a 2.3-kWh lithium-air battery and a 3.0-kW lithium-battery.

The battery technology will be based on the chemistry found in lithium-metal hydride batteries, but the battery technology also incorporates carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes, which are used in the Wump’s battery.

Woop is developing a lithium-manganese-air (CBM) battery that will be cheaper to manufacture and make.

“The batteries in our vehicle are based on a material that is extremely lightweight,” Siegel said.

“It is not a battery that is built from carbon fiber, and it is not carbon nanos.

They are made of carbon and silicon, which is extremely high-performance.”

Womp has a goal of selling a total of 1,500 Woopis, which would be enough to power about 200,000 cars.

The company expects to produce between 3,000 and 5,500 of them by 2027.

The new Womp vehicle is a lot smaller than the previous generation, which was around the size of a football field.

Womp plans to launch a smaller version of the WOPi, which will be more efficient.

While the battery in the new Woop can store up to 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy, the battery capacity in the existing Woop will be up to 2,000 kWh, which could be a significant improvement over the current model.

The company also plans to add a range indicator to the battery so that owners can see how much energy is left in the vehicle, which Woop says will allow them to make better decisions about whether to purchase a new car.

A Womp battery will cost about $200,000 to make, while the Womps current model will run $200 per year.

Woop says it has already developed a “small version” of its new battery.

The battery will come in a battery pack with a capacity of up to 300 kWh, and cost $30,000. 

The WopI is powered by an 80-kilovolt battery, which means it is smaller than previous Woop vehicles.

The car’s size is important because the battery pack will need to be smaller because the vehicle will only be able to move up to 4,000 feet.

Wop says it will also make some of the components smaller because of the weight of the vehicle.

“We have designed a small version of our battery so it will fit in a small space,” Sigg said.

Although the Wopei’s battery will have the same capacity as a gasoline-powered vehicle, it will be lighter because it uses lighter materials.

According to Woop, the vehicle’s performance will be improved by using a higher-capacity battery because of this.

The vehicle will have about 60 miles of range.

Womps battery pack is designed to be lighter than the existing battery pack because it has a higher capacity.

Wop says that it has developed a new battery that can be made from a composite material that can increase the battery’s density, which increases the energy density of the battery.

“A composite material is an energy-storage material that allows you to store more electricity than you would in a lithium battery,” Womp said.

The composite material used in Wop’s battery is called Teflon, which the company claims can store as much as 500 times more energy than conventional batteries.

The material also reduces friction in the body of the car, which helps improve its handling.

This is the reason why Wompy said that it would be easier to build cars with smaller cars, and also why it thinks it will become a bigger player in the auto industry.

“It’s important to know that we are a small company that is focusing on the small-car

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