When it comes to building a bigger, better, faster, smarter, stronger, faster Corvette, the same can be said for a lot of different things.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has been around for years, and now its about to get even better.

But there’s one key thing you’ll need to know before you start building a Z06: a lot is riding on your car’s horsepower, and if you’re a Corvette enthusiast, you’ll want to be able to power the beast.

For this article, we’re going to cover some of the most common components in a Corvette that are a crucial part of building a car that can compete with other supercars.

For more articles from IGN, check out our Chevrolet Corvette Build Guide.1.


The Z06 engine, also known as the 3.6L V6, has been a staple in the Corvette lineup for a while.

It powers the Z06, ZL1 and Z06E, the latest Corvette models.

It’s the main engine that powers the Corvette ZL models, and it also powers the all-new Z06C, the Corvette’s successor.

The engine is a six-cylinder engine that makes about 3,600 horsepower, which is more than enough to power a supercar, but it also provides some power to keep the car moving around corners.

If you’re looking to build a super-powerful Corvette, a Z6 is a good place to start.

If not, then look elsewhere.2.


There are a number of options for getting your car into gear.

For starters, you can opt for a manual transmission, which lets you use the power of the engine to drive the wheels, as well as the transmission.

This system is more complicated than just a manual gearbox, though, and requires the transmission to be driven in a manual mode.

This can be a bit of a hassle if you have a lot to juggle, so a manual setup will work for most of us.3.


For a supercharged Corvette, you may want to opt for an exhaust system that uses carbon fiber, which has a higher horsepower output than traditional steel exhaust.

These exhaust systems typically come in two styles, a two-piece, which looks like a single piece, and a four-piece that looks like an elliptical shape.

The exhaust system for the ZL6 can have up to 60mm of air in the exhaust pipe, and the ZC6 can even have its exhaust up to 130mm.

This makes the exhaust system a lot more powerful than just running a traditional exhaust, though.4.


The biggest difference between a standard Corvette and a super car is its braking system.

For the Z6, there’s a Brembo calipers that are used to help keep the wheels on the road.

The Brembos are typically the same kind of brakes that are on the Corvette Stingray, and are typically much lighter than those used on the ZR1.

The only way to get a Z07 with Brembols on the rear brake caliper is to upgrade to the Z04 Brembolets, which come with Bremberg Performance tires.5.


You can get a good deal on suspension in terms of suspension options.

In terms of components, the Z07’s suspension includes a shock absorber, anti-roll bar, and coilovers.

You’ll also want to add a shock mount if you want to run a coilover setup, as there are different versions of coilovers for different models.

You also will want to get coilovers with a front shock mount for the more aggressive Z06 model.

You will want a good set of coilover bushings on your front suspension for the best performance out of the Z02 model.6.

Rear suspension.

The rear suspension for a super sedan is much different from the rear suspension used in a super sports car.

The main difference between an all-wheel drive car and a convertible is the type of front and rear suspension.

For example, a rear suspension in a sports car is basically a coil-over setup with a differential to help control the car’s suspension, while a front suspension is a set of springs and a variable-ratio damping system.

The difference between the two is that in a convertible, the front springs are used for steering and the rear springs for handling.

You want a rear shock mount to keep all the wheels in place.7.

Suspensions and Brembolas.

You won’t find many different suspension setups on a Corvette.

The suspension on a supermodel will come in different versions.

The standard rear suspension is called the Stingray.

The Stingray is the rear setup that is used on a ZR-1, ZR2 and ZR4.

You could also get the Stingrays front and side springs, but that rear setup is much heavier than the

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