A civil engineering program will be an essential component of the future of the US energy infrastructure, a key component of which is to ensure that Americans have access to safe and affordable energy, a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the Institute for Energy Research (IER) finds.

The report outlines how civil engineering, as well as infrastructure, should be developed to provide for the transition to 100% renewable energy.

The report, called The Future of Renewable Energy, was published today and is available on the CAP website.

The report was developed by the CAP’s Center for Civil Engineering and IER’s Civil Engineering Initiative.

Its authors are former CAP senior fellow Eric Schiller, and former CAP President Robert J. Hahn.

“The American public has shown a profound interest in climate change and the environment,” Schiller said.

“The report is the result of a process that began with the public’s desire for a national vision of energy security and energy sustainability, and has evolved to incorporate the public and private sectors, academia, policy makers, and industry to develop a roadmap to achieve a 100% clean energy future.”

The key recommendations for the civil engineering roadmap include:1.

Reducing emissions by 20 percent by 2050.2.

Ensuring 100% access to clean energy, including clean coal, and low-carbon energy sources, by 2050, and by 2050 thereafter.3.

Increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs to support energy security.4.

Developing energy efficiency policies that enable a shift to 100 percent renewable energy and zero net emissions.5.

Promoting the use of energy storage and the use and distribution of wind and solar energy, as needed, to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.6.

Develop technologies to generate electricity from waste heat and sunlight, as the cost of such resources declines and as the climate impacts become more pronounced.7.

Creating a network of local grids that will connect communities to low-cost and renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind, and biofuels.8.

Advancing the development of technologies that allow for a sustainable, secure, and affordable electricity grid that can connect communities and support economic growth.9.

Supporting a global effort to address climate change through policies that will enable clean, reliable, affordable, and abundant energy, and the rapid deployment of renewable and other clean technologies.10.

Establishing a network to manage the carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels.CAP and Ier will present the report at a meeting in December at the National Energy Technology Board (NEB) in Washington, D.C. The NEB is a government agency that advises on energy-related policies, including energy policy.

“As the nation’s economic future turns from one of low growth to a one-two punch of low and rising energy prices, we need a comprehensive plan that addresses the challenges of climate change,” said CAP President and CEO David Cohen.

“We need to do more than build more coal plants, more coal-fired power plants, and more nuclear power plants.

We need to transform our economy, and our economy’s future, by moving away from a fossil-fuel economy and toward a clean energy economy that delivers reliable, low-priced, and clean energy to the American people.”

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