A new, super-small plane will have a new look, more powerful engines and bigger doors — and that’s in just six months.

The Air Force is set to announce the new Delta 4 jet at a ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base on March 20.

The planes are still not on sale, but they’re expected to make their debut by the end of the year.

They’ll be smaller and lighter than current aircraft, so they’ll have a bigger cabin, larger wings and bigger landing gear.

They won’t have the engines or engines upgrades that were required for Delta 4 and will have more power.

The planes will be a bit smaller and smaller than the current Delta 4, which is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Delta is still planning to buy a new 787.

The company is also working on a smaller version called the Delta 4 Dreamliner, which it hopes to have ready to go by the year’s end.

The Air Force said the new planes will have some of the same features as the older ones, but with less fuel and more powerful jets.

Delta said the planes will use a single Pratt & Whitney F119-GE engine, which has proven itself to be capable of flying at Mach 3.

Delta has already shown that it can make its planes fly faster than the 787’s Pratt & Whitney J58 engine.

The company has also tested a version of the Delta 2 engine with a Pratt &amplitude 4 engine.

That’s expected to have some improvements over the F119GE, but not much.

The Delta 4 will be the first jet the Air Force has ordered, and it will be used for its training, as well as for the training of personnel.

But the Air National Guard is still looking to upgrade the Delta to make it more ready for its next generation fighter jet.

The next Delta is expected to be called the Air Superiority II, after the Pentagon’s most advanced jet, the X-47B.

The X-37B is the Air Navy’s next generation jet, and the Air Service Command has not announced when it will buy it.

Development Is Supported By

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