KSU engineering student Anil Bhatt has been arrested on terrorism-related charges.

Bhatt allegedly plotted a “high-tech” attack on the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and other countries with the intention of “disrupting the global economy”.

He was arrested in August and was held in a juvenile detention centre.

Bhandi allegedly wrote a manifesto on the internet titled “The Path of the Insurgents”, according to the Indian government.

It was allegedly drafted by Bhatt’s family.

The document was allegedly intended to be sent to “foreign countries”, according the Indian police.

Bhati is a PhD student at the KSU College of Engineering and is currently enrolled in the International School of Security and Counter-terrorism Studies in the city of Hyderabad.

The Indian government did not provide a statement on the arrest, but an official statement said the student was being investigated for his role in the “extremist activities”.

He has been charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2016.

Bhaskar has been under police custody since January.

He is the son of an engineering professor and the nephew of a top Indian space agency official, the Indian Express reported.

He has previously been detained under similar anti-terrorism laws, according to a report by the Indian newspaper Economic Times.

India’s ISRO, which is known as India’s biggest space agency, has been at the centre of controversies in recent years due to its links to al-Qaeda, and in February 2016 it was ordered to pay a $1.5 billion ($1.8 billion) fine to the US over its involvement in the 2010 Mumbai attacks.

The ISRO has been criticized for failing to address security threats to space operations.

ISRO had earlier received an international award for the role it played in preventing the attacks, but it was revoked by the ISRO’s board after the terror attack.

India is not a signatory to the Outer Space Treaty, and the country has a relatively low number of foreign astronauts.

It has a space policy that was influenced by the US space program.

The space agency has been accused of a string of human rights violations.

In April, a court in New Delhi found that the ISRAE-6 mission had violated India’s human rights laws by failing to provide adequate medical and psychological care to the astronauts.

In December, the ISRIE-5 mission, which was intended to conduct research on space exploration, was grounded after allegations of “inappropriate and discriminatory” treatment of crew members.

ISRAEs chief scientific officer, K.R. Rajeshwaran, resigned from his post in January after allegations surfaced that he had sexually harassed staff.

The resignation followed an internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

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