Two civil engineering junior hockey players have been kicked off a North Shore elementary school after it was discovered that they had taken part in a “black power” rally at a public park in downtown Kelowna.

Two Kelownas hockey players were thrown out of their school on Tuesday, when they were caught on video and recorded using a racial slur in an act of protest at a Kelownan park.

“You can’t say that you’re a black man and take the high road,” said Kelownia’s principal, Mark Gail.

“You have to go and show respect.”

The two players, who were not identified, were removed from the elementary school and taken to a school building.

They were not allowed to return to the school until Thursday, when a disciplinary hearing was held.

“This was not an easy decision to make,” Gail said.

“Our community is one of many communities that are feeling unsafe and unsafe to be themselves.

We want to help make sure our kids are safe in our schools.”

In the video, the two players are seen speaking loudly and yelling “white power” in Kelownacas public park.

A white woman then approaches them and shouts “you guys are racist,” before telling them to shut up and go home.

“The kids were yelling at her for no reason, so we went in and escorted them out,” Giffany said.

The school says it’s a matter for the district.

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