The U.S. is home to the most engineering students in the world, but the country has a relatively small population of engineers.

Here are the top-ranked engineering programs in the country, based on a study of graduates from the U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and South Africa.


The University of Sydney, Sydney 2.

University of New South Wales, Sydney 3.

University College London, London 4.

University at Buffalo, Buffalo 5.

University University of Auckland, Auckland 6.

Imperial College London 7.

University in Munich, Munich 8.

Australian National University, Canberra 9.

University, University of South Australia, Adelaide 10.

University South Australia 11.

University New South Zealand 12.

University-Worcester, Worcester 13.

Imperial Academy of Arts, London 14.

University and College London 15.

Royal Holloway, London 16.

University London 17.

Imperial Institute of Technology, London 18.

Imperial Research Institute, London 19.

University Cardiff, Cardiff 20.

University Canterbury, Canterbury 21.

Imperial Chemical Engineering Laboratory, London 22.

University Amsterdam, Amsterdam 23.

University Zurich, Zurich 24.

University Stockholm, Stockholm 25.

University Berlin, Berlin 26.

University Lyon, Lyon 27.

University Rotterdam, Rotterdamm 28.

Imperial Paris, Paris 29.

University Frankfurt, Frankfurt 30.

University Freiburg, Freiburger 31.

University Stuttgart, Stuttgarter Gegenwart, Gegenspielienzung 32.

Imperial Stockholm, University Stockholm 33.

Imperial University, London 34.

Imperial-Institute of Technology and University College, London 35.

Imperial London, Imperial-London 36.

University Dublin, Dublin 37.

University Oxford, Oxford 38.

University York, York 39.

University Warwick, Warwick 40.

University Liverpool, Liverpool 41.

Imperial Oxford, Imperial Oxford 42.

University Belfast, University Belfast 43.

University Glasgow, Glasgow 44.

University Bristol, Bristol 45.

Imperial Tokyo, Tokyo 46.

Imperial Seoul, Seoul 47.

Imperial Shanghai, Shanghai 48.

Imperial Singapore, Singapore 49.

Imperial Jakarta, Jakarta 50.

Imperial Berlin, Germany 51.

Imperial Sydney, Australia 52.

Imperial Canberra, Australia 53.

Imperial Wellington, New Zealand 54.

Imperial Helsinki, Finland 55.

Imperial Madrid, Spain 56.

Imperial Milan, Italy 57.

Imperial Vienna, Austria 58.

Imperial Zurich, Switzerland 59.

Imperial Moscow, Russia 60.

Imperial Warsaw, Poland 61.

Imperial Munich, Germany 62.

Imperial Edinburgh, United Kingdom 63.

Imperial Geneva, Switzerland 64.

Imperial Copenhagen, Denmark 65.

Imperial Barcelona, Spain 66.

Imperial Santiago de Chile, Chile 67.

Imperial Hamburg, Germany 68.

Imperial Beijing, China 69.

Imperial Dubai, United Arab Emirates 70.

Imperial Budapest, Hungary 71.

Imperial Dublin, Ireland 72.

Imperial Ankara, Turkey 73.

Imperial Buenos Aires, Argentina 74.

Imperial Montreal, Canada 75.

Imperial Los Angeles, California 76.

Imperial Toronto, Canada 77.

Imperial Birmingham, United States 78.

Imperial Washington, United State 79.

Imperial Amsterdam, The Netherlands 80.

Imperial Frankfurt, Germany 81.

Imperial San Diego, California 82.

Imperial Melbourne, Australia 83.

Imperial Athens, Greece 84.

Imperial Brisbane, Australia 85.

Imperial Rome, Italy 86.

Imperial New York, New York 87.

Imperial Bologna, Italy 88.

Imperial Kiev, Ukraine 89.

Imperial Tbilisi, Georgia 90.

Imperial Manila, Philippines 91.

Imperial Havana, Cuba 92.

Imperial St. Petersburg, Russia 93.

Imperial Porto Alegre, Portugal 94.

Imperial Belgrade, Serbia 95.

Imperial Nairobi, Kenya 96.

Imperial Mumbai, India 97.

Imperial Bangkok, Thailand 98.

Imperial Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 99.

Imperial São Paulo, Brazil 100.

Imperial Lisbon, Portugal

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