A $7 billion deal between Canada and the U.S. to build a Dakota Access Pipeline has been suspended amid environmental concerns.

The move comes after the U,D., government confirmed it would approve the $732 million deal, but the Environmental Protection Agency announced it would not be renewed.

The deal would run from the Gulf of Mexico to Steele City, Missouri, a route that could eventually run from Canada to Nebraska.

Dakota Access was initially scheduled to start construction on the pipeline by March 2019.

The pipeline’s route would cross the Missouri River, where it would enter the Gulf and then the Ohio River.

The company has faced multiple environmental violations, including environmental damage, spills, and oil spills.

A federal judge has blocked Dakota Access from construction.

The Environmental Protection Act requires that a decision be made within 180 days after the government receives a notice of objection from the U.,D., or within 60 days of receiving the government’s final environmental assessment.

The decision must be based on “serious, substantial, and irreversible damage” to the environment.

The government also has to consider the “significant economic, health, and safety” of the affected communities and ensure the pipeline does not pose “a significant risk to public health and safety.”

The decision has been appealed by the environmental group Oil Change International.

The U.D. has asked the U S. Supreme Court to review the suspension.

The judge in the case has said the suspension is “unlawful.”

The U S has been the subject of several lawsuits from environmental groups and the Indigenous community.

The Supreme Court recently blocked the government from using eminent domain in an effort to acquire the land.

Dakota has filed a lawsuit in the U d.

The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that it would review the decision and make a final decision on the Dakota pipeline’s future by the end of September.

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