A new NASA study suggests the U, S. has been slow to make discoveries that could help improve the nation’s future civil engineering.

In fact, a total of just four projects have received federal funds in recent years, according to the study published Thursday by the American Civil Engineering Association.

The federal funds are a significant drop from the 10 projects the agency launched in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the government launched a series of major civil engineering programs.

The program has funded more than 1,400 projects, and the federal government is expected to award more than $1 billion to the industry over the next five years, the study says.

While a lot of the funding is being spent in areas that have long been considered to be underfunded, the federal program is also spending about $10 billion on research that has been focused on the problem of earthquake and tsunami risks.

That’s a huge amount of money for an industry that has traditionally been underfunded by more than half a billion dollars annually, according, to the National Science Foundation.

The report also highlights the fact that the federal agencies are working in different ways to make the progress.

One agency is looking at ways to improve data collection and data sharing in order to make it easier to track the progress of the research.

Another is developing new technology for data analysis, with one agency working on a system that would allow for automatic reporting of progress.

“While some of these initiatives may appear to be the same, they are not,” the study said.

“They are all working in tandem to make sure the country’s civil engineering research community is as competitive as possible.”

To get a better sense of the pace of progress, the researchers used a series from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory that tracks the progress in research and development.

The study focused on NASA’s Earth Science Mission Directorate, which is responsible for the nations civil engineering and planetary science missions.

The agency is funded through the Space Technology Mission Directorate under NASA’s Science Mission Advisory Program, which gives NASA funds to fund the development of space technology and research.

The government has a number of different funding sources, such as a NASA-wide Technology Transfer Program that provides a grant to a company for a technology development project.

But NASA’s Technology Transfer program is separate from NASA grants, and it has a separate set of goals for the program.

The NASA study notes that some of the more notable projects in the program have been focused in areas such as energy, health and energy-efficiency, and solar energy.

In total, NASA has awarded more than 4,200 projects since 2007.

This year, it’s also expecting to award nearly $8 billion in funding for its Science Mission Development Program, according the NASA report.NASA’s Science Missions Directorate also includes projects in fields such as water resources, global climate change and weather forecasting, and oceanography.

The Department of Energy’s Office of Science is responsible in part for supporting NASA’s research.

Development Is Supported By

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