When does civil engineering have a chance?

That is the question posed by a series of new reports on civil engineering.

The first was published in The Times on Tuesday, and in its section titled “The Civil Engineer’s Challenge to the Government”, it warns that “the civil engineer’s role in the country’s infrastructure is at risk.

A lack of funds for civil engineers and their salaries is making it harder for them to achieve their work”.

The second report comes from the American Institute of Civil Engineers, and warns that “[w]e have the highest number of public sector employees in the world but with less funding to train, supervise and supervise them”.

The third report comes out of the International Civil Engineering Association, which warns that in “emerging economies with large populations of civil engineers, we need to find ways to address the workforce shortages”.

The fourth report comes in from the Association of Indian Civil Engineers (AICE) and warns of “disastrous consequences of a lack of resources and skilled civil engineers”.

The fifth report comes at the end of the month from the India Meteorological Department, which suggests that “[s]tudents can’t handle the task of managing large cities”, citing the case of “three Indian cities, which are now facing massive population explosion”.

The first report is by the Times of London, which says that “in India, where the civil engineering profession is highly respected, there is a strong demand for skilled civil engineering talent, especially in the rural areas”.

It points to the “rising number of civil engineering graduates in India”.

The report concludes that “civil engineering is the future of India, and its importance cannot be underestimated”.

The last two reports come from The Economist, which notes that “India’s civil engineering is also under pressure from China and other emerging economies”, with “major Indian cities such as Mumbai and Delhi facing a shortage of civil contractors”.

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