BCL Civil Engineering says a blackhole has just been discovered in space.BCL’s James Fagan said on Twitter on Wednesday the “most massive black hole to be observed in space” is likely to be in the constellation of Lyra, located in the southern constellation of Cetus, about 400 light years from Earth.

It’s been a big day in astronomy, with a huge, dark, spinning black hole, but it has been just a small crack in the cosmic armour, said the UK-based astrophysicist.

Black holes are the centres of gravity of stars, and have an energy of about a million trillion electronvolts (equivalent to about 100 billion electronvolms).

They’re so hot they can annihilate entire galaxies in their wake, which can be seen with the naked eye.

The most massive black holes to be discovered in the Universe have been discovered near star clusters, but are rare.

The discovery of the Lyra black hole was made using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), a ground-based observatory in the US.

It was able to track a pulse from the black hole’s centre as it passed between stars, which meant the pulses were recorded and the black holes were tracked for six days.

“The black hole is a very bright star in the Lyre constellation.

When it comes into view, it’s just a bright light, but when you look through the telescope, it looks like a very large galaxy,” Mr Fagan told the BBC.”

You can see it’s moving at quite a rapid rate.

The gravitational waves are very sharp, so you can actually see it moving at very fast speeds.”LIGOLA was able capture the pulsed signal in the form of a laser, but this was the first time LIGO has been able to do this at such an extreme scale, with the blackhole in the sky being just a fraction of the size of the sun.”

There’s a lot of data out there, and it’s not easy to pick out the pulses.

The thing about it is that it’s only a fraction.

It’s not like you pick up the speed of light.

The black hole will be moving at about 50,000 km/sec,” he said.”

We’re seeing it at a very fast rate, so the rate of rotation is very fast.”‘

The Universe is like a black box’BCL said the black Hole is the “smallest, brightest and most massive known” in the known Universe, but there are other black holes that are even smaller and brighter.

“This is the largest black hole we have ever observed,” Mr Todhunter said.

“It is at least twice the size and about twice as massive as a supernova remnant, and at least three times as massive and twice as bright as the sun.”

The black holes are about 10 times more massive than the sun, he said, but they also appear to have a “tidal force”, which is a force that pushes the stars around.

“It’s a tidal force that will pull all the stars together.

This is like the force that pulls the Earth in the solar system around the sun,” he explained.”

If the gravitational force is strong enough, the stars will eventually merge and form a black belt around it, and that’s exactly what we are seeing.””

We don’t have any evidence yet that it is actually moving around, but we know that it has the ability to accelerate.””

It is really quite astonishing.

The universe is like an black box, and we don’t know what it is doing, but all of the known events, it is not behaving as expected.”

Mr Todhun said the LIGOLa experiment could be used to better understand black holes and other large-scale phenomena.”LIGA is an amazing telescope, and its huge size means it can study very large objects.

It could actually be used for studying the structure of the Universe in the way we do now,” he added.”

But what we don.

it can do in the field of astronomy.

It can study the black-hole activity, the gravitational potential, the spin and the rotation.”

And we’ll be able to study the Universe for a very long time to come.

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