The United States Patent and Trademark Office has released the list of 2,105 patents that were granted to patent holders since March 18, 2016.

That’s less than half the number of patents issued by the Patent Office in the same period, which was less than 100.

The number of invalid patents has dropped from more than 7,500 in 2016 to about 2,000 today.

That number is down from a peak of more than 12,000 invalid patents in the mid-2000s, and the lowest in nearly a decade.

But there are still more than 11,500 patents still outstanding, which means the country has more than 2,700,000 patent claims outstanding.

In fact, the number is nearly four times higher than the total number of U.s. patents filed by the U. S. government.

That includes more than 15 million patents that are pending.

The lack of valid patents is especially troubling when you consider that patents are the basis for much of the nation’s research and development.

The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health both rely on patents to fund their research.

The Patent Office has been trying to reduce the number and to focus on more effective ways to identify and fix invalid patents.

The office has also been working to streamline its process, including streamlining patent application and approval processes.

This year, the office will require that all applicants provide a statement to the office, including whether they have filed or will file an invalid patent.

The statement must include whether the patent claims are invalid, whether the inventor filed or has filed an invalid claim, whether they submitted claims for patent awards, and any other relevant information.

The new rules are intended to help the office identify and solve some of the patent problems it’s had in the past.

The agency has identified 2,300 patent applications that it believes are invalid or that have no valid claims, according to the statement.

The number of valid patent claims issued by U. states has been dropping steadily over the past two years.

And the number granted by the patent office has fallen by nearly a third, from 4,400 in 2016, to just over 1,600 in 2017.

The Office of the Patent Judge will now be responsible for issuing invalid patent applications, and a decision will be made by the OPR on a case-by-case basis.

This will help expedite the process and allow the agency to identify which patents should be granted.

The OPR will not be issuing patents without showing that the patent is valid, which can take months, and then the patent will go to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) for an adjudication.

The decision on whether the case will go forward will be based on the examiner’s opinion, not the OPE’s, which is a decision made by a panel of three members appointed by the president.

The administration will also begin issuing patents that have been granted invalid by the board of appeals.

The OPE will be responsible to issue such patents in a timely manner, according the statement from the OPA.

The PTAB will decide whether the patents are invalid.

Patents will remain in effect until an agency can show that they are invalid by reason of design, manufacture, composition, composition of matter, or method of manufacture.

The U. s Patent and Trade Office is expected to release its latest round of invalid patent numbers in January.

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