Cappawheen, Iowa — A civil engineer who specializes in civil engineering is using her experience to create a plan for the future of a small town in western New Mexico.

The Civil Engineers Civil Engineering Program at the University of New Mexico hopes to provide the next generation of civil engineers with an understanding of the challenges that civil engineers face as they seek to improve communities.

Its a big project, but it’s not a big deal.

It’s something that we need to be thinking about for a long time,” said Julie Ochoa, an associate professor in civil and environmental engineering and a senior researcher in the program.

Civil engineers and their counterparts have to design, build and maintain systems to meet the needs of communities, including roads, water supply systems, electrical power systems and firefighting equipment.

Ochoi said they have to think about all of those systems and how they relate to each other and how to communicate to eachother.

She said they need to make sure they understand how water is flowing into the community, how things are wired, and how roads work.

Ochoa said the Civil Engineers is also working on the design of a system to address the effects of climate change.

Ocko said they are looking at the impacts of climate-induced droughts, wildfires and increased flooding in the United States.

Civil engineering is a highly specialized field, she said.

The project is being funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Department of Defense Civil Engineering Technology Research Program, which is administered by the National Science Foundation.

The Civil Engineers program is funded through the State Department’s Economic Development Council.

The program is one of a number of research programs the DOE is creating to better understand the environmental and health impacts of various technologies.

Development Is Supported By

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