A week ago the conference’s power conference announced that they were about to award their championship game, which would be played at Arizona State on December 9th.

This was the first of the 12 games to be decided on a neutral field.

The other games were played at home or in Arizona.

The teams to be named the conference champions are USC, Arizona State, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah and Colorado State.

The rest are non-champions.

This is not the first time that the Pac 12 has chosen neutral fields.

Last year, they selected Utah as the conference champion, which is a shame because the Aggies have been quite good.

If the conference wants to keep it as neutral as possible, they should just name the teams that have the most wins, not those that have won their conference championships.

The Pac-10 and the ACC are the only two leagues that don’t play their conference championship games on a non-neutral field.

But if the conference was willing to use neutral fields, it could just name them.

If a neutral-field selection is made, it would have to be made in order for the teams to play in the championship game.

The league would have a few options, but they are pretty limited.

The easiest would be to play the Pac 13 game against Stanford.

That game would be the second in the conference and the first game played in neutral territory.

The ACC and Pac-13 could also play the second of the two non-conference games between the ACC and SEC.

The SEC could also choose to play Stanford, which has played the Pac 10 in neutral-fields before, in the first non-Pac 10 game of the season.

And then, if that is the only non-SEC game played on a team that doesn’t play the SEC, they could have the SEC and Pac 10 play a non/non-SEC matchup.

That would be interesting, as the SEC has a pretty good rivalry with the Pac 11.

And if the Pac nine played a game against the Pac 9 in neutral ground, it wouldn’t be the first rivalry between the two leagues.

But that would be too hard.

The best option would be for the SEC to play a home-and-home series against the SEC.

That series would probably not be played in a neutral venue, and there would be a chance for the Pac 16 to get to play.

The only real option would have been for the conference to play both Pac 10 and Pac 12 games in neutral, which probably would not happen.

That could have been done a few years ago, but the Pac 14 and Pac 16 decided to move their season-opening game to Las Vegas.

If that game had been played in an arena, the league could have used the venue to host a neutral game.

That option was ruled out last year, as there was a lot of money involved.

It would have cost a lot to move the conference championship game to an arena.

The next option would not have been an arena but a neutral site.

This would have meant a home game between the conference champ and the non-title winner.

This season, that option was eliminated after the Pac 8 and Pac 9 games were moved to Las Angeles.

There is a chance that the league might consider a neutral stadium option for the 2021-22 season.

But the league will need to make a decision soon.

The conference’s neutral-site options would have included a home and home game for the rest of the regular season between the SEC champions and the Pac 6 champions.

The neutral-landing options would include the Pac 7 title game and the conference title game between a SEC champion and a Pac 12 champion.

There was also a chance to host the SEC championship game in a stadium in San Francisco or Phoenix.

There are two potential options for the 2019-20 season.

The first would have involved playing the SEC title game at a neutral ground in Los Angeles.

The second option would include a game in San Antonio.

But this option would probably be rejected.

This year’s Pac 12 game was held at Stanford Stadium.

It was a huge deal and the entire Pac 12 was thrilled about it.

It became one of the most watched sports events in the country.

But when the conference decided to change the date of the game to January 9th, 2021, they needed to get the Pac12’s schedule ready.

The schedule was made in October of last year.

It included a game between USC and Washington, which was supposed to be a matchup between two teams that are not supposed to play each other until the 2020 season.

That was the second non-Conference title game of 2021, after the SEC-USC game in Denver.

There were no other non-conference games scheduled in 2021.

It is unlikely that the SEC would have played in the 2021 title game without a neutral location.

This has been a tradition for the league since the 1950s.

The games have

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