An article in the New York Times titled “Civil Engineers Don.t.

Like Civil Engineers.” 

The article was written by Eric Holowka, who is also a former NASA engineer. 

Here’s the quote from the article: Civil Engineers do not like civil engineering.

Civil Engineers don’t like math.

Civil engineers don’t want to be told how to build a building.

Civil Engineering majors do not want to learn how to design a building because they don’t think they know anything about building.

Civil Engineers don.t like civil engineers. 

The writer of the article, Holowkas first name is a common term for a non-technical professional. 

This term can be used to describe people who are not particularly interested in learning or thinking about the sciences. 

One could argue that this is the case. 

However, the writer of this article fails to grasp how different the academic community is and how different its members view the profession. 

What the article does not mention is that in this particular article, the author of the piece is claiming that there is a “culture of elitism” in the civil engineering community. 

In reality, this is a myth. 

Civil engineering is a diverse and diverse field. 

There are many different types of civil engineers working in the United States. 

Among these, there are those who are concerned about the environment, others who are interested in improving infrastructure and others who simply want to do the right thing. 

Some of the academics I interviewed in this piece did not have a problem with civil engineering as a field, but others do. 

It is not that they are elitist, it is that they don.

T like civil engineer.

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