NATIONAL HONG KONG — The world’s top civil engineers are taking a lot more of government money than they would like to.

And they are worried about it.

Civil engineers are among the most coveted positions in the world, and the government has poured more than $100 billion into building the infrastructure for the next 50 years.

But the money has come with some hefty risks.

Some of the top civil engineering engineers have been accused of fraud, misconduct or outright plagiarism in their work.

Others have been found to be negligent in their responsibilities, leaving them vulnerable to fraud and other lawsuits.

In the past, civil engineers also have been the targets of allegations of unethical behavior by the government.

In the aftermath of the BP oil spill in 2010, the government investigated and fined nearly $1 billion to about 1,500 engineering firms and contractors.

And in the aftermath, the head of the National Energy Corporation, a government agency that oversees oil and gas development, resigned after he was found to have violated government ethics rules.

The civil engineering industry has also been hit by the recession.

Last year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 6 million civil engineers were employed in the United States, or around 20 percent of the workforce.

The government said that number is likely to be even higher this year, as more firms start looking for work.

The problem is that many of those engineers are paid less than they could be making in the industry.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reported in 2014 that the average civil engineer salary was $70,914, while the median annual salary was about $70.74.

The median salary for a government worker was $102,039.

The federal government is also paying engineers less than the average for their jobs.

On average, engineers who work for the Department of Homeland Security receive $9.42 an hour, the same as their counterparts in other federal agencies, the Department for Veterans Affairs, and Veterans Affairs’ Health Resources and Services Administration, according to NIST.

The bureau reported in 2015 that the median starting salary for engineers working for the federal government was $75,711, while for those who work at the Defense Department, the median was $86,531.

A 2016 survey by the National Academy of Engineering found that engineers who hold a doctorate are paid significantly less than their peers in the field.

They earn $43,913 more than their counterparts, the survey found.

The report also said that engineering graduates have less job security than other professionals.

The federal civil engineering workforce is currently understaffed.

In the coming decades, the number of civil engineers who will work in government will be much higher than in the past because of the retirement of many of the older engineers.

The Bureau of Engineering Resources said in a 2016 report that the U,S.

population is projected to grow from 5.2 million people to 7.4 million by 2050, and it predicts that the number that will work will increase by about 10 percent annually.

Civil engineers were expected to retire at the same time as the population, and in fact, the Bureau of Engineers expects that the workforce will increase dramatically in the coming years.

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