A $3.3 million grant for a major electrical system upgrade for the Clemson campus has fallen through.

The grant was part of a larger $10 million program to upgrade power lines and substations at the university, the Clemson Athletic Department announced Thursday.

It was awarded in February, and a state-of-the-art substation was completed last week.

The department has said the substation will eventually provide electricity for a total of 9,000 homes.

The Clemson Power Authority is trying to find a way to get the substations in and out of Clemson, a task it says will take months.

“We know we can’t make this happen,” said university spokesman Mike Prentiss.

“There is no way to make this project happen.

And the people of Clemson will continue to struggle to find the right answer for these critical projects.”

The project, which is expected to cost $7 million, is being funded through a $4.3 billion contract between the state and the Department of Energy.

The $3-million grant was a part of the Clemson University Infrastructure Grant program, which was established in the late 1990s to support the construction of a $5.5-billion power system.

The contract calls for the construction and operation of a substation for $1 million, and an installation of new substations for $2 million each.

The project also includes $1.8 million for an installation for the power lines at the main campus.

“The Clemson Engineering Department is grateful to the Department for providing us with this grant to support our efforts to provide our campus community with reliable, reliable and reliable power,” Prentis said.

The university said in a statement that the project is expected “to provide power for Clemson for the next 10 years.”

The Clemson Athletics Department said in an email to The Associated Press that the substating was “an important project” and that it will be in place for at least three years.

It added that the department was “committed to providing reliable and affordable power to the campus community” and will continue “to work closely with the Clemson Power Board to ensure our power system is in place and ready for use.”

Development Is Supported By

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